Hair removal using lasers is utilized to treat skin that is sensitive. The laser hair removal is safe for all types of skin and can be utilized on any body part. The revolutionary dynamic cooling technology is used in every laser treatment. It soothes, calms and shields the skin.

Experts recommend 6-12 sessions that are spaced four weeks apart to get your first laser hair removal procedure. It is contingent upon the skin's color and the area. It is recommended to schedule an appointment by one of the most skilled laser therapists from Glasgow to discuss the removal of hair lasers in Glasgow.

Removal of hair with lasers comes with numerous benefits

Effective and secure

Laserists are trained to safely and efficiently use professional laser hair removal in glasgow . Laser treatment is recommended for those who have sensitive skin as it can be beneficial for people with dark hairs or blemishes.

Permanent hair

Laser epilators for medical use are a quicker and safer, cost-effective and efficient method for hair removal than any other method.

Ingrown hairs are diminished

Hair removal using lasers can be achieved by shining a light at the hair's roots. Lasers are safe for skin that is sensitive and can also be used to treat the damaged area. How does it work?

Laser treatment is suggested for people with dark or fair hair. Before recommending an treatment plan an expert will examine the hair and skin types of your.

The sections are utilized to trim hair. The first 6-12 sessions will be arranged by your physician at 4 week intervals based on the size of the area as well as the color of your skin. Lasers have large treatment areas and are able to be targeted at multiple hair follicles in a single session.

Monitoring and planning

Shaving: Prior to your appointment, it is mandatory to shaving.

* Don't epilate: Do not epilate more than four weeks prior to your appointment. This is because the laser has to determine the shade that your hair's follicles are order to give you the most effective treatment.

Beware of direct sun. Avoid direct sunlight for 2 weeks before the treatment. Make sure to apply sunscreen regularly.

Be careful

The area of treatment could be prone to redness or pain. Laser equipment will reduce the itching and redness. For the initial 3 to 5 days, it is recommended to be bleached, or until the skin returns to its normal state.

Avoid certain situations

Avoid shaving, waxing or shaving hair, and exfoliating during at least the initial 24 hours. Protective clothing is recommended and stay clear of swimming. Wear tight clothes.

For two weeks, stay away from the direct sun for two weeks. To protect your skin and prevent it from getting sunburned make use of the glycolic scrub at 14% every throughout the day.

skin care

A scrub with 14% of Glycolic must be used for 5 days after treatment.